What is intuitive eating and why is it currently a big hit? Pitfalls, advantages, dangers…

While diets and specially created nutrition programs prescribe to what extent, what and when to eat, the whole idea behind intuitive eating is that you can eat in quantities that will fill you up - and that you learn when and how to get to that point and then consciously stop to eat, without strict rules (...)

23. July 2023.|

All or nothing

You probably know how it goes - you start a diet or a new intense exercise program on Monday and you decide you won't give up until you get the results you want. Your plan is to exercise at least 5 times a week, walk 10 kilometers every day and, in addition to all that, completely

21. May 2023.|

5 health optimization factors

If I see one more "The Most Effective Fat Burning Diet", “Three Exercises To Be #bottyqueen of every beach”, "New Detox For a Shape of a Lifetime", How To Lose Weight Before Summer - a New Diet", "Slim Waist In Two Weeks", "She Ate This Food And Toned Her Whole Body In Just Two Weeks", "Say This Word 3x Every Morning And Lose Up To 6 Kg In A Month", … (continue the series) (...)

20. April 2023.|
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