Unlock your full body power

Build a shaped and strong body, ensure longevity and a resilient mind.

A 12-week program created to help you permanently implement new, healthy habits and improve the quality of your daily life. With flexibility, strength and mental resilience, &Body is here for you to become the best version of yourself!

&Body is exactly what you are looking for if:

  • You want to improve flexibility, strength and mobility of the body
  • You have limited time to practice
  • You want to achieve mental and physical resilience
  • You like to exercise at home or in nature, but also have the online support of the &Body community
  • You want to finally feel at HOME in your own body. In a sustainable way and forever.

Access from any device, wherever and whenever you want

Join the &BODY program and immediately access videos for all fitness levels, as well as to simple and effective e-books that reveal the key answers to all your fitness questions. &BODY offers full support and advice in an online community of people who share the same drawbacks, desires and goals. &BODY – exercise, well-being and longevity available to everyone.

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Advocate of a holistic approach to health that changes your life.

Andrea is a well-known practitioner, trainer and holistic advocate who changed lives of many in the past 10 years of her continuous work and growth. Her method is trusted by thousands of people who follow her online and in real life. Her clients come from all over the world, and she teaches individuals and groups in her Andrea’s Room studio. Andrea’s achievements and professionalism are recognized by numerous renowned companies, such as Gycan Age and Anibiome, and her dedication and energy are proven by numerous gold medals in competitive aerobics, choreography of ballet performances and the creation of &Ballet and &Body programs that redefine the perception of the body and movements that are necessary for health and longevity .

More than a coach.

As a former professional ballerina, choreographer, certified nutritionist, and science-based health and movement coach, Andrea provides her in-depth knowledge that she rounds up and simplifies so that anyone can transform it into new habits that change their quality of life for the better and more importantly, sustainable way and forever.

“&Body awakens vital energy in the body that makes us strong, energetic and capable of successfully overcoming all the challenges that life brings. In addition, &Body also contains invaluable educational e-books that help to understand our body and support it in an optimal way. Knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is your superpower! ” – Andrea Solomun.



Various trainings that ensure general, daily improvement.

“As a passionate advocate of a holistic approach to health, through this program I have provided tools for frequent difficulties that most people face in modern times. In addition to carefully designed training, the program offers access to the latest study results and advice for better quality sleep, creating and preserving energy, a balanced nutrition, hormone health (especially for women), stress relief, mandatory nutritional supplements, as well as useful information on why regular blood and body composition monitoring is important, and much more. Using the &Body program, new habits are created that will CHANGE the quality of life for the better , and more importantly, in a SUSTAINABLE WAY and FOREVER.”

The &Body program contains an initial cycle of three months in which you can monitor your results, achieve your full strength and discover the real potential of your body. The program is progressive and intended for permanent use after the initial cycle.
Video materials lasting from 4 to 45 minutes allow you to choose to exercise as much as your daily schedule allows

By subscribing to the &Body program you gain access to the following:

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