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Published On: 22. October 2023.
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As you may know, I am currently in Indonesia, on the island of Bali. I came here in early September and I’m going to stay for 6 months. I believe that I will be here for half a year and half of my time in Europe. As many people wonder what I’m doing here and why I went to Bali, I decided to tell you about it in more detail in this blog.

No, I’m not on vacation as many people think, nor is my visit a business in nature. At least not entirely. It focuses on my professional and personal development. I live and work about the same as In Croatia. Of course, I expand my business (> Ballet franchise program and education) and work on connections as befits entrepreneurs like me, but in addition to that I spend time working on improving physical and business skills, learning new ones, working with clients online, and focusing on systematically providing support in working with my & Body online community with the aim of making its members progress and achieve goals. Of course, an elementary part of my stay in Bali is also hanging out with dear friends. In fact, my social life here is richer than in Croatia, but that’s the story for a special blog post.

Why Bali?

So… My first visit to Bali took place in 2019 and it was because of my participation in a training summit at the Nirvana Strength training center, now known as
Nirvana Life
. It was my first real encounter with calisthenics workouts (gymnastic-type exercises) that i’ve been attracted to for quite some time. As expected, I immediately fell in love with the movements of such a guy and embarked on a new journey. Thirty years in ballet had a major impact on my body and mind, and my body yearned for a change in systematically repeated patterns. It became obvious that it was a great decision. The one who healed me physically and mentally, and shaped me into the resilient, healthy and strong person I am now.

This is my third visit to Bali, and the longest so far. The idea is actually to live partly here and partly in Croatia. I could also explore other places, like South Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc., but let’s start with Bali first because I know it and has a good breeding ground for multidimensional growth and development.

During my time here at Cangg, I train at the Nirvana Life training center which has changed quite a bit since my last visit here in 2020. . Covid made it impossible for me to come earlier even though the desire was always there, so I was only now able to come back.

The facility, which previously focused mainly on gymnastics, movement, mobility and strength with the offer of recovery spaces, has been transformed into a spectacular, fully equipped space that provides literally everything one needs to achieve mental and physical strength and/or recovery at all levels.

The common question is what the price range is and whether Nirvana is affordable given the incredible offer. The assumption, of course, is that it is quite expensive and inaccessible to the average person with an average income.

Many of you ask me daily what the cost of living in Bali in general is, but I will discuss this in more detail in a separate blog post. I would like to point out one thing right away: life here is not cheap. It used to be, but since my last visit, the once cheap living expenses have drastically increased (they are still lower than in Zagreb).

But back to what I want to focus on in this post: my workouts and my experience of using Nirvana.

Nirvana is a very special training facility. Unlike the famous in Croatia, it combines gym, group and individual trainings of mobility, strength, yoga, Pilates and similar wellness classes. It has a recovery area with saunas, ice baths, a relaxation area as well as its own restaurant.

I spend my days in Nirvana training my own trainings under my program, attending group classes, exchanging experiences with other trainers, developing my skills and, of course, using Nirvana’s recovery services.

I use the gym for strength training, which in fact most of you follow or can follow daily on my Instagram profile. For training on cardio devices I use outdoor space. I attend group mobility classes for hips, knees and ankles, skill focused training for flexibility, muscle upo-ve and other unknown skills that are a really great form of body training to achieve increased performance in other forms of training.

I use group mobility classes for my back, spine, as well as Pilates, Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes. Two weeks ago, I tried aerial yoga for the first time, and this week I took a week off from training to try out all the group classes Nirvana has to offer. This means I’ll try fitness classes, Pilates classes, handstand classes, breathwork workouts and more. I will share the experience as soon as I gather my thoughts by collecting impressions.

The most frequently asked question is: What are the membership fee prices in Nirvana and what packages are offered?

There are different types of membership. Everyone can find something for themselves. I’ll give you an insight into typical European packages i.e. monthly membership fees and drop-in-hours . There are packages for multiple weeks and/or months, but for them it is best to go directly to the Nirvana Life website and explore it yourself:

It is important to note that all the prices I share with you here have already added fees and taxes that apply to almost all services in Bali, so you will find smaller amounts without taxes and fees on their website. This is purely to ease your math situation.

The types of memberships that can be used are created with a focus on some of the content on offer. For example, you can choose only a recovery membership, just using the gym, just wellness, combinations mentioned, or all together. I personally use an all inclusive membership called Nirvana Life Membership, which was fully provided by Raiffeisen Bank. Thanks to RBA my 6 months long stay in Nirvana, education, professional training and everything that supports my personal growth and development as a coach and person, has been achieved.

The monthly membership fee for the Nirvana Life membership fee is € 213 (IDR 3,543,750). It gives you unlimited access to strength and wellness programs, an open gym, recovery and membership lounge spaces.

Balance’s monthly membership includes an open gym, recovery and membership lounge spaces and is €164 (IDR 2,716,870).

Nirvana also offers Rejuvenate membership. For a price of €142,000 (IDR 2,362,500) per month, you can enjoy unlimited access to state-of-the-art recovery facilities, including a dry sauna, steam bath, 2 ice baths, a hot tub and a membership lounge area.

Of course, you can also use all group power classes whose monthly price (for 10 classes) is € 128 (2,126,250 IDR), while the drop in is € 14 (IDR 236,250).

The same goes for wellness classes that include any yoga class, meditation, breathing classes or dance classes. The drop-in price is € 11 (IDR 177,187) and the monthly package of 10 classes is € 96 (IDR 1,594,688).

You can use the service of taking a personal trainer. The price of 1 hour head coach is € 142 (IDR 2,362,500). The hour with a senior coach is € 107 (1,771,875 IDR).

Nirvana also offers online coaching for 4 weeks. The price is € 285 (IDR 4,725,000) per month. It includes a personalized training program, written feedback for your videos, and monthly 30-minute calls.

I know many will say this is expensive, but keep in mind that these prices are only slightly above average for Europe and/or the worldwide price range for gyms, group courses or wellness. For Croatian standards, it is expensive. Especially the price of individual training, which in Croatia rarely amounts to more than 50 € per hour, and here it is twice as high.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes.

If you want to experience something special, grow physically and mentally in an environment that will inspire you on your journey of personal development, Nirvana is the place for you.

If you just want to relax, train occasionally and focus on some other things regardless of the quality or atmosphere of the place where you train, then there are certainly more affordable places here in Bali.

Of course, I don’t expect everyone to have the ability to flock to Bali. So I invite you to join the Andrea’s Room training center community.

During the 6 months I will be staying on the island of Bali, I plan to share all the knowledge and skills I adopt in my online support group & Body and with my subscribers.

If you are eager to learn, grow and achieve long-term results, you are fed up with diets, dietary restrictions and want to change your habits – try my online program! You will get the full support of me and my team with high-quality content that is constantly updated.

Of course, keep an eye on upcoming blog posts and up-to-date news from Bali that I plan to share with you in the coming months.

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