Optimize your body and mind and achieve longevity

Build a beautiful, strong and optimal body

About me

Andrea Solomun is…

Croatian-made energy ball known for her quote: “I move, therefore I am.”

The former ballerina, later a choreographer, shifted her focus in her 30s from creative, aesthetic, physical and architectural to biomechanics and body performance with the aim of optimizing her own and others’ general health, in order to encourage people to make efforts to create their OPTIMAL BODY. .

Andrea’s Room was founded in 2013 , and since then, it has had more than 200 attendants. It is known for its specific approach to the body, which has successfully changed the lifestyles of many people and improved their health. Andrea’s Room has the main goal of building a healthy, mobile and harmonious body, which is made possible by an extremely wide range of fitness content, which makes it unique on the market.

Train with Andrea

Through time and persistence, using my knowledge, experience, protocols and tools, you will raise the level of quality of life, build an optimal body and achieve a more likely longevity.
My goal: “To help you die as young as late as possible.”

Train in my training center Andrea’s Room

Group trainings – Pilates Flow, Power Pilates, strength training, &Mobility, HIIT training, &Ballet…

Individual classes – our instructors will create a special program for you, suitable for your needs, goals and wishes

Subscribe to my &Body Programs – they are created to improve your strength, flexibility and mental resilience. With the basic &Body package with over 40 videos, professional manuals and e-books, progress tracking questionnaires, with maximum team support through a Facebook closed group available to subscribers, and through a full 12-week program-designed schedule, raise the quality of your life and achieve longevity.

Individual classes

  • Online and in live
  • Tailored for you, your needs and goals

Free YouTube videos

  • levels from beginner to advanced
  • programs &Workout, &Mobility i &Ballet
  • stretching exercises, strength training and HIIT training
  • exercises for rehabilitation and injury prevention, yoga, mobility training and much more

Try &Ballet

Ever wanted to try ballet dancing?

You can enroll in &Ballet all year round.

Become an &Ballet instructor and/or the owner of the franchise

Would you like to become an instructor?

Is it your dream to lead a successful business story?

Train with us

By working on the biomechanics of the body and building its general balance, achieve your optimal body – excellent health. By exercising with us, optimize your body and mind and achieve longevity.


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