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    Andrea Solomun Andrea Solomun
    Andrea Solomun Andrea Solomun
    Andrea Solomun

    In 12 weeks improve your strength, flexibility and mental resilience.
    Build a shaped, strong and optimal body and mind - which will affect the quality of your life and longevity.
    Do you want concrete results?
    Would you like to adopt a new routine?
    Do you want the &BODY Program?


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    Different workouts which ensure the general, everyday progress.

    "I am an advocate of a holistic approach to health, so through this program I make sure to provide you with tools for better sleep, conservation and energy generation, nutrition tips, the latest study results related to "fasting", hormone health (especially for women), stress relief, mandatory nutritional supplements, by informing why regular blood and body composition control is important, and much more."
    To really feel and see results, &Body program includes an initial cycle of three months in which you can monitor your results, and a continuation to maintain and improve them. The program is progressive so you can use it permanently after the initial cycle. It contains videos lasting from 4 to 45 minutes, giving you the choice to exercise as much as your daily schedule allows. Program vam time omogućava da stvorite nove kratke dnevne rutine i navike koje kumulatvnim efektom mjenjaju vaš život. The program thus enables you to create new short daily routines and habits that, with a cumulative effect, change your life. By using the &Body program, you will create new habits that will CHANGE the quality of your life for the better, and more importantly, sustainably and forever. By subscribing to the &Body program you gain access to the following:

    struktura &body


    12 programs with over 40 workouts (HIIT workout, resistance training, Tone & Target, Flexibility & Stretch, Pilates classes, &Mobility flows & drills, &Ballet workouts, Breathwork & Relaxations etc.)
    Weekly Schedule (weekly program-structured schedule for all 12 weeks of the &Body program)
    Assessment Questionnaire (assessment of current state and progress tracking),
    Performance Journal
    Videos with specific goals - such as addressing pain or weakness, increasing targeted mobility of the shoulder girdle, hips or feet...

    bonus &body


    Instruction Book / Guide that covers all the necessary information to help you navigate through this program (and beyond)
    The big 3*
    Sleep optimisation protocols*
    Small steps for big gains (small things that can be done daily, which added on top of each other serve the main goal of building new habits and changing your lifestyle over time)
    Psychology of nutrition, health and well-being
    HR zone II training*
    Importance of feet in the posterior chain
    Intestinal microbiome
    Anatomy 1 on 1
    *promotional part of the bonus

    podrska &body


    Closed Facebook group (members only)
    Mini challenges
    Live videos
    Team support

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    brands that cooperate with Andrea Solomun and support the &Body program


    Do you want to feel better every day, all day?

    Do you want to stop thinking about calories and finally achieve long-term and real results?

    Do you want to get rid of pain and tension in muscles, bones , joints...?

    Is your goal to be fit?

    tko je andrea


    Advocate of a holistic approach to life and person who changes your life Andrea is a well-known practitioner, trainer and holistic advocate who changed lives of many in the past 10 years of her continuous work and growth. Her holistic method is trusted by hundreds of people who follow her online and in real life. Andrea teaches clients from all over the world, and in her studio Andrea’s Room she teaches both individuals and groups. More than a trainer As an ex-professional ballerina, choreographer and science-based movement and health coach, Andrea brings detailed knowledge while rounding and simplifying it so everyone could transform it into new habits that in time change the quality of life for better, and more importantly, sustainably and forever.

    zasto bas ovaj program


    The idea is for you to get the knowledge which you can reuse forever. Knowledge is power. Knowledge about yourself is your superpower! That is what I want for you to gain through this process – “superpowers” – to feel strong, energised, powerful, able to do anything – boundless! With your help, allow me to change your life with my &Body program.

    What is &Body?

    The &Body program is designed to improve your strength, flexibility and mental resilience which in turn affects and increases your quality of life and longevity. It is comprised from various trainings that, with their diversity, bring you top benefits for your daily needs. The program lasts 12 weeks. It contains tools for better sleep, energy preservation and building, nutrition tips, the latest data on studies on diet and fasting, hormonal health (especially for women), tips on how to relieve stress, which supplements are required, why it is important to do regular blood tests, as well as measure body composition ... and more. By practising the &Body program, you create new habits that will change the quality of your life for the better over time, and more importantly, sustainably and forever. The program is progressive so you can and should use it again and again to maintain your gains and get new ones.

    What is the difference between &Body and &Body Premium?

    &Body Premium contains three online consultations lasting 45 minutes (initial evaluation and two follow-up consultations). It is intended for those who need additional clarification and advice due to the specifics of their health and physical abilities. Please note that the number of &Body Premium users is limited.

    What is &Body Specific?

    &Body Specific is a subscription program which enables watching and using the video materials and written electronic materials that make up the contents of the package, which refer to specific parts of the body (such as hips, shoulders etc.) or skills (such as the split). It is intended as a supplement to users of the &Body program, but also to all others who want to learn how to acquire certain skills and practice them and are not users of the &Body program.

    Can I practice &Body at home?

    Absolutely yes. Its main idea is accessibility and ease of use – you can exercise anytime and anywhere. At home, while on a business trip in a hotel, on vacation, in nature etc.

    What equipment do I need?

    As necessary, we recommend at least two weights (3–5kg), a kettlebell (8–12kg), a rubber band, some kind of elevated surface (chair, bench) and a mini band. Additionally (optional): small 1kg weight, an elastic pilates band, a small pilates ball and a yoga block. And of course, comfortable clothes.

    What is the minimum / maximum age to be able to practice the &Body program?

    &Body can be practised by everyone, regardless of age. Those who have so far led a predominantly sedentary life and those who have tried various exercise programs and are disappointed with short-term and/or poor results, those who really want to see a change in their lives, those who simply want better feel, strengthen, define and build an optimal body will get the best and fast benefits.

    What level of physical fitness does the &Body program require? Do I need to be fit?

    The &Body program is designed to be suitable for all fitness levels (from beginners to advanced users and professional athletes). All trainings have modifications with regard to how the exercise is performed, as well as explanations of easier and harder variants of individual exercises. That is why the program can be used repeatedly and permanently and still be challenging for both full beginners and more advanced users.

    What does a subscription to &Body programs include?

    The subscription includes watching and using the video materials and written electronic materials that make up the contents of the package. For example, the &Body program currently includes:
    • 40 videos,
    • 28 follow-along videos,
    • 11 instruction videos,
    • 4 HIIT trainings,
    • 4 resistance trainings,
    • 4 HICT trainings,
    • 5 pilates trainings,
    • 3 &Ballet trainings,
    • 7 &Mobility sequences (hips, torso, feet, flows etc.),
    • Assessment Questionnaire (assessment of current state and progress tracking),
    • Performance journal,
    • 11 e-books and professional manuals.
    This content is continuously updated and expanded. The subscription also includes various discounts on certain &Andrea services and products, such as new programs / subscription packages, professional lectures, discounts from sponsors and friends of &Andrea projects. These discounts are occasionally published on

    Will the &Body program be updated?

    Yes. New and modified content includes new scientific knowledge and tips and instructions on how to apply them in your own life and daily exercise practice, as well as new videos over time.

    Why do I need to continue subscribing after the first 12-week cycle?

    The &Body program wants to help you change your life habits and permanently increase and maintain a new level of strength, flexibility, mental resilience and quality of your life. Therefore, physical activity and the achieved level of mobility and the like need to be maintained and, if necessary, increased even after the completion of the first cycle of 12 weeks. Also, the continuation of the subscription gives you access to new exercises and knowledge in terms of physical mobility, ability and longevity, as well as new educational materials that are constantly updated and added.

    Is there any option to practice &Body other than subscribing to an online program?

    Yes. Yes. If you live in Zagreb, Croatia, you can join us at the Andrea's Room training centre and try some of the contents from the &Body program at group trainings. You can find more info at

    What payment methods are available for my subscription?

    Available payment methods are payment via the PayPal platform, debit and credit cards of issuers whose logos are visible on our pages.

    After payment, how long does it take to gain access to the program?

    After we receive confirmation of payment, we will provide you with access data for your account (username, password) as soon as possible. This usually happens within 24 hours. If you have subscribed to &Body Premium, we will contact you at your e-mail address for the necessary basic information and the agreement on the date of the online consultation.

    Can I upgrade my program?

    If you have subscribed to the &Body program, you can upgrade your subscription to &Body Premium at any time or include a subscription to &Body Specific. Please note that the number of users of &Body Premium is limited and that the purchase of this supplement may be limited at some point.

    How long does the subscription last and how long do I have access to the program?

    The subscription to the basic &Body program lasts for 1 month (from the subscription start date) and is automatically extended every month until you cancel it. It takes 12 weeks (three months) to pass the basic part of the program. Consultations of the &Body Premium program are limited to the first 3 months from the subscription start date. &Body Specific programs have a monthly subscription. Access to each program is possible only during the subscription.

    How can I renew my subscription? Is it automatically renewed?

    The subscription is renewed automatically or by payment for the next period, depending on the method of payment. In the case of payment by credit or debit card or through the PayPal platform, the subscription is renewed automatically and at the end of a particular period, your account is debited and the subscription amount for the next period is charged. In case of payment to our transaction account, you need to make a payment for the next period in order to renew your subscription. You will be notified of this at least 15 days before the end of the subscription period (8 days in the case of a monthly subscription).

    I need to update my card information. How can I do that?

    You need to access your PayPal account and update your card information. For credit and debit cards, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the CorvusPay payment platform.

    Can I unsubscribe and how can I do that?

    You can unsubscribe and cancel the automatic renewal at any time by accessing your account. Subscription termination always refers to the next subscription period. The General Terms and Conditions and the Subscription Agreement apply in all respects.

    Will I be notified when the subscription expires?

    In case of automatic renewal and billing of the subscription for the next period, before the subscription expires, you will be notified by e-mail about the expiration of the subscription and the upcoming automatic billing for the next period. In case of payment to the transaction account, before the end of the period, you will receive a notification by e-mail about the upcoming expiration of the subscription (eight days in the case of a monthly subscription).

    I am prevented from exercising for a while. Can I temporarily suspend my account and subscription?

    In case of illness or other reasons that prevent you from actively exercising, there is no need to interrupt the program and subscription, since various other forms of activities are envisaged for such cases (such as breathing exercises, meditation, etc.).

    Who can I contact if I have questions about my subscriber account?

    You can send all questions to the e-mail address

    I lost my access data. What can I do?

    Contact us at in order to receive new access data.

    I cannot log in with the access data I received. What can I do?

    Contact us at in order to receive technical help.
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