Program and exercises

Program and exercises2024-02-12T05:05:32+01:00
Can I practice &Body at home?2024-02-11T16:04:32+01:00

Absolutely yes. Its main idea is accessibility and ease of use – you can exercise anytime and anywhere. At home, while on a business trip in a hotel, on vacation, in nature etc.

What equipment do I need?2024-02-11T16:04:22+01:00

As necessary, we recommend at least two weights (3-5 kg), a kettlebell (8-12 kg), a rubber band, an elevation (chair, bench) and a mini band. Additionally (optional): small 1kg weight, an elastic pilates band, a small pilates ball and a yoga block. And of course, comfortable clothes.

What is the minimum / maximum age for exercising under the &Body program?2024-02-11T16:04:12+01:00

&Body can be practised by everyone, regardless of age. The most and quickly visible benefit will be achieved by those who were previously little physically active or led a predominantly sedentary life, but also all those who tried different exercise programs and were disappointed with short-term and/or weak results, those who really want to see a change in their life , those who simply want to feel better, mark, define and build an optimal body.

What level of physical fitness does the &Body program require? Do I need to be fit?2024-02-11T16:04:01+01:00

The &Body program is designed to be suitable for all fitness levels (from beginners to advanced users and professional athletes). All trainings have modifications with regard to how the exercise is performed, as well as explanations of easier and harder variants of individual exercises. That is why the program can be used repeatedly and permanently and still be challenging for both full beginners and more advanced users.

Will the &Body program be updated?2024-02-11T16:03:51+01:00

Yes. New and modified content includes new scientific knowledge and tips and instructions on how to apply them in your own life and daily exercise practice, as well as new videos over time.


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