Program and workouts

Program and workouts2024-04-05T15:46:41+02:00
What is &Body Specific?2024-04-05T15:08:44+02:00
&Body Specific is a group of programs related to specific needs and goals.
Each of the programs in this group contains video and written electronic materials related to specific body parts (such as hips, shoulders, etc.) or skills.
It is intended as a supplement for users of the &Body program, but also for everyone else who wants to learn how to acquire certain skills and exercise, or who have specific or additional needs due to injuries or health conditions.
What is the difference between &Body Premium and the &Body program?2024-04-05T15:08:10+02:00

&Body Premium includes two online consultations lasting 45 minutes (initial evaluation and teaching consultation). It is intended for those who need additional clarification and advice due to specific health conditions and physical abilities.

It can be used with the &Body program or independently of it.

Please note that the number of &Body Premium users is limited.

Will the &Body program be updated?2024-04-05T15:10:05+02:00

Yes. The new and changed contents of the &Body program include new scientific findings and advice and instructions on how to apply them in your own life and daily exercise practice, as well as new video materials over time.

What level of physical fitness does the &Body program require? Do I need to be fit?2024-04-05T15:09:44+02:00

The &Body program is designed to be suitable for all fitness levels (from beginners to advanced users and professional athletes).

You can start &Body regardless of where you are on your health and fitness journey as each workout can be tailored to your fitness level. The &Body community is made up of an incredible range of people, from beginners to experienced professionals, from postpartum moms to more mature women.

All trainings have modifications with regard to how the exercise is performed, as well as explanations of easier and harder variants of individual exercises.

This is precisely why the program can be used again and again and still be challenging for both complete beginners and advanced practitioners.

What is the minimum / maximum age for exercising under the &Body program?2024-04-05T15:09:24+02:00

&Body can be practised by everyone, regardless of age.

The most and quickly visible benefit will be achieved by those who were previously little physically active or led a predominantly sedentary life, but also all those who tried different exercise programs and were disappointed with short-term and/or weak results, those who really want to see a change in their life , those who simply want to feel better, mark, define and build an optimal body.

The flexibility of the program allows its users to be young teenagers as well as those over seventy years old. All of them achieve their needs and goals using &Body .

What equipment do I need?2024-04-05T09:33:25+02:00

As necessary equipment, we recommend at least two weights (3-5 kg), a kettlebell (8-12 kg), a rubber band, an elevation (chair, bench) and a mini band.

Additionally (optional): small 1kg weight, an elastic pilates band, a small pilates ball and a yoga block. And of course, comfortable clothes.

Can I practice &Body at home?2024-04-05T09:33:40+02:00

Absolutely yes.

The basis of the &Body program is accessibility and ease of use, as well as exercising anytime and anywhere. At home, in the gym, on the road in a hotel, on vacation, in nature…

What is &Body?2024-04-05T15:07:49+02:00

&Body is a holistic program designed to improve your strength, flexibility and mental resilience which consequently affects and increases your quality of life, health and longevity. A program that aims to make you say “I feel good and fit!”.

The program is structured so that gradual progress is achieved by combining exercises and methods and includes exercises for warming up, stretching, HIIT ( High Intensity Circuit Training ), endurance, HICT ( High Intensity Continuous Training ), flexibility and mobility, Pilates, ballet, cardio exercises, breathing , relaxation, etc. The program contains a number of instructional videos and written electronic materials.

By combining mandatory, optional and additional content of different durations, it enables maximum flexibility and adaptation of exercise to needs, goals you want to achieve and the time you have available. This flexibility allows beginners, experienced exercisers and professional athletes to use the program with equal success. The approach that helps you adopt new daily routines and the included advice on nutrition, rest and more further enriches the program making it useful for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, health and simply feel better.

The basic part of the program lasts 12 weeks. In addition to physical exercises, it contains tools for better sleep, preserving and building energy, advice on nutrition, the latest data from studies on nutrition and fasting, hormonal health (especially for women), tips on how to relieve stress, which supplements are mandatory, why it is important to do regular blood tests tests, as well as measuring body composition… and much more. After the first 12 weeks, the program continues to guide you through maintaining and improving what you have achieved. It also contains questionnaires that allow you to easily monitor your progress.

By practising the &Body program, you create new habits that will change the quality of your life for the better over time, and more importantly, sustainably and forever.

The program is progressive so you can and should use it again and again and maintain and achieve new gains.

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