Hybrid Sculpt

The Hybrid Sculpt program is intended for everyone who wants to work on their body in terms of improving mobility, posture, flexibility, maintaining and building muscle mass, and preventing potential injuries.

Hybrid training consists of a combination of exercises with your own weight and props that are completely arranged so that you adequately activate the entire body and acquire a routine of building your ideal body and mind.

With this type of training, you will improve your metabolism so that you reduce subcutaneous fat faster, improve the function of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and your general mood.


The healthiest and the most natural form of not only exercise, but overall movement as well. Such movement realizes the strength and flexibility of the body and enables it to have maximum mobility and overall health, and as a side effect, in addition to a beautiful body optimal for each individual, it brings you the most important product – #feelgood in your own body.

It is appropriate for people of all age groups and does not require previous physical fitness.

It is divided into two parts &Mobility: Upper body focus and &Mobility: Lower body focus, so that you can work on a specific goal and/or solve the problem of reduced mobility, strength and flexibility of the upper or lower body.


&Ballet is classical ballet adjusted to amateurs in the sense of its biomechanics, teaching methods and the overall approach to body and mind – and this is exactly what makes it different from classical ballet. Its purpose is recreational, and the overall goal is a healthy body.

&Ballet establishes a balance of body and spirit and as a result enables a GREAT APPEARANCE suitable for everyone in relation to their genetics and capabilities, i.e. an OPTIMAL BODY.

It is enriched by exercises and motor tasks the purpose of which is to create a balanced body activity and development, to repair or relieve you of difficulties, and to improve general mobility, strength, fitness and graciousness, regardless of age. It is fun and educational.

Power Pilates

Power Pilates is one of the most effective and complete fitness methods that helps develop and strengthen muscles. It increases strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination and is used as a form of physiotherapy. Its advantage lies in the fact that it can be practised by all age groups, no matter the physical fitness. It also improves abilities in all other sports and makes your everyday tasks easier.

During a Pilates class, you stimulate each muscle, tendon and organ in your body, thus enabling the relaxed feeling and improved muscle tone. We devote most of the class to the spine to which we bring back its natural flexibility, relax the nerves and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

By using different props, we interrupt the existing movement pattern and activate muscles which are usually not in use. With an additional mild resistance, we strengthen other supporting muscles, while the maintaining of balance requires the activation of many deep stabilizer muscles. The goal is to “awake” and activate those muscles to avoid the usual knee, ankle, shoulder or back injuries.

Pilates Flow

Flow Pilates is an exercise program suitable for men and women based on strengthening and stability of the center, building functional muscles and adequately mobile joints.

As such, it helps improve posture, prevent injuries, relieve unwanted pain and increase endurance.

Each training will include exercises for activation and optimal use of the whole body in a logical sequence, in flow.

Strong & Fit

Strength training program created for small groups with individual approach to achieve maximum results.

Strength training helps you improve joint function, supports healthy weight and/or weight loss, builds and maintains stenght, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as much needed bone density. It improves insulin sensitivity, cognition, your heart and lung fitness, flexibility, and balance.

You will be doing numerous exercises with weights and resistance for your whole body aiming to create muscle strength and tone, while maintaining flexibility and balance, achieving greater stamina, managing general pain, improving posture, decreasing the risk of injuries, improving sleep and making weight management way easier.

Vinyasa Yoga

The term vinyasa means connection, and specifically in yoga practice it refers to the connection of breath and movement and yoga postures (asanas) in order to achieve a balance of body and mind.

Coordinates a targeted sequence of poses with breathing to achieve a continuous flow. Therefore, it is considered one of the methods of meditation in motion.

Vinyasa yoga involves movement on the mat with a focus on breathing, stability, correct body posture and safe execution of exercises combining asanas in a lying, sitting and standing position with changing dynamics adapted to the group.

This comprehensive practice increases the endurance, strength and flexibility of our body and mind.

Tabata HIIT

As the name suggests (High Intensity Interval Training) this form of training combines intervals of high intensity exercise (such as sprinting) with intervals of low intensity exercise (such as walking at a slow pace) or complete rest. This type of training gives better results in a shorter amount of time.

HIIT is better in burning body fat than a usual cardio training because it extends the resting time of the metabolism after the HIIT training, which continues to “work” even when you are resting, thereby burning fat.

The class is a short 30-minute bodyweight class that consists of a warm-up appropriate to the tabata-style HIIT type, the work of the high cardiovascular main part of the training, and at the end stretching and returning the metabolism to normal.

The advantage is fat loss thanks to a better resting metabolism, enzymes that burn fat, and at the same time the building of muscle mass is encouraged. All that in the shortest amount of time.


This is a short-form fitness training of 30 minutes consisting of a short warm-up, interval training and stretching at the end.

This type of training helps build body definition, burn calories, improve aerobic capacity and grow muscles.

It also allows you to increase the volume of the load during the week as well as increase the general mobility of the body by moving in multiple directions, at different speeds, using different equipment to activate every muscle in the body.

Different intervals are used in the class, and it is done with bodyweight or with weights of smaller weights, plates, sliders, benches…

Individual classes

In the Andrea’s Room training center, you can take individual training sessions tailored just for you. This means that the program is modified and designed specifically for each individual, depending on the person’s needs and goals.

By taking individual classes you are making a long-term investment in your health. You will also gain information and knowledge about yourself. This guarantees improvement both in individual classes and in group classes.