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Published On: 22. October 2023.
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As you probably know, I’m right now in Indonesia, in Bali.

I came here at the beginning of September and will be staying for 6 months. I believe this will be a thing— me being here for half of a year and spending half of my time in Europe.

As many wonder what it is that I’m doing here and why I’m in Bali specifically, let me share it more in detail in this blog.

It is not a vacation, nor is it work related. It is focused on my professional and personal development. I live and work pretty much the same as I do in Croatia, where I come from. Of course, I am spreading my business (&Ballet franchise) and working on connections, but otherwise, my hours in a day are spent in training, learning, working with a couple of my clients online, supporting and helping my &body online community thrive and achieve their goals, plus, of course, relaxing and socializing with my friends here in Bali. My social life here is richer than in Croatia, but that is a story for a separate blog post soon to be addressed.

Why Bali?

Well…  My first Bali trip here happened in 2019. and it was for the sake of me attending a summit at the formerly known Nirvana Strength Training Facility. That was my first real encounter with the calisthenic-type exercises that I had been drawn towards for some time. As expected, I fell in love with it immediately and started a new journey. 30 years in ballet made a huge impact on my body and mind, and my body craved for a change. It became obvious that it was a great decision. One that healed my body and mind and shaped me into the resilient, healthy, and damn strong person I am now.

This is my third visit here and the longest one so far. The idea really is to live partially here and partially in Croatia. I might explore other places as well, like South Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc., but let’s start with Bali first, just because it is familiar and has solid fertile ground for multidimensional growth.

During my time here in Canggu, I am training at Nirvana Life Bali , which has changed a lot since my last visit here in 2020.

The facility, which formerly mainly focused on calisthenics, movement, mobility, and strength with a blend of some recovery areas, transformed into a spectacular, fully equipped space that provides literally everything one needs to gain both mental and physical strength and/or to recover as a human being on all levels.

Many of you have asked what the price range is and whether it is affordable considering what it offers. The assumption, of course, is that it is quite expensive and not accessible for an average person with average incomes.

What many of you wonder in regard to the costs of living in Bali in general will be discussed in detail in a future blog post, but let me say it out loud: life here is not cheap. It used to be, but since my last visit, costs have increased a lot. However, they are still lower than in Zagreb.

Back to what I wanted to focus on in this post: my training and recovery at Nirvana Life Bali and my experience here.

The training facility is very special. Because unlike in Croatia, it combines gym, mobility, strength, and calisthenics classes, as well as yoga, Pilates, and similar wellness classes. It has a recovery area with saunas, ice baths, a lounge chill area, and its own kitchen.

My days at Nirvana are spent training my own program, taking group classes, sharing experience with other coaches, developing my skills, and, of course, using Nirvana recovery services.

I use the gym area for resistance training, which you can actually see a preview of on my Instagram page in live on my stories. I use the outdoor area for my cardio machine sessions.

Furthermore, I take group classes in hip, knee, and ankle mobility, front and side splits, back and spine mobility, power, yin, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. I tried aerial yoga for the first time two weeks ago, and this week I took a week off of my training to do all the group classes Nirvana provides. That means I tried conditioning, Pilates, handstands, muscle-up classes, breath work, and much more.

I will write more about it as soon as I gather my thoughts around it after experiencing it in full.

To answer what so many want to hear…

What kinds of memberships can you get at Nirvana, and at what cost?

There are different memberships. Basically, anyone can find something for themselves.

I decided to provide you with a full insight into the price ranges for what most Europeans use: monthly packages and drop-ins. There are packages for more weeks and months, but for those, please go to their web page and explore it on your own:

Keep in mind that I am sharing here the prices with service charges and taxes that in Bali apply to everything, so on their website you will find smaller amounts without the taxes and fees. I wanted to make it easier for all of you.

Memberships that one can use are created goal-wise. Meaning you can choose to do only recovery, only gym, only wellness, or all of it.

I am using an all-inclusive membership called Nirvana Life Membership, which is fully provided by Raiffeisen Bank. Thanks to RBA my 6-month stay at Nirvana, education, professional upgrade, and all that supports my wellbeing as a coach and as a person are possible.

A typical 4-week membership in Nirvana Life costs 213 € (3.543.750 IDR). It provides unlimited access to strength and wellness classes, the open gym, recovery, and the member’s lounge.

The Balance membership that includes an open gym, recovery, and the member’s lounge for 4 weeks is 164 € (2.716.870 IDR).

Nirvana offers Rejuvenate membership as well. For a cost of 142 € (2.362.500 IDR) for 4 weeks, you can enjoy unlimited access to state-of-the-art recovery facilities, including a dry sauna, steam room, 2 ice baths, a hot tub, and a member’s lounge.

You can, of course, take all group classes with a Strength class pass. For a drop-in, it is 14 € (236.250 IDR), and for 10 classes (one month), it is 128 € (2.126.250 IDR).

The same goes for Wellness classes, which include any yoga, meditation, breath work, or dance class. Drop-in is 11 € (177.187 IDR) and 10 classes cost 96 € (1.594.688 IDR).

You can be coached by a personal trainer as well. For a head coach, class is 142 € (2.362.500 IDR), or for a senior coach, it is 107 € (1.771.875 IDR).

Nirvana also provides online coaching for four weeks. The cost is 285 € (4.725.000 IDR). It includes a personalized training program, written feedback on video footage, and monthly 30-minute live calls.

I know many will say this is expensive, but keep in mind that these prices are just a bit over the average for Europe and/or worldwide ranges for gyms, group classes, and wellness. For Croatian standards, this is expensive, I would say. Especially personal training, which rarely comes higher than 50 € and here is twice as high.

Is it worth it?


If you want to experience something special and grow in a physical and mental way in an environment that will push you on that journey towards greatness, this is the place.

If you want to just chill, train occasionally, and focus on other things without caring about the quality or atmosphere of the place you train at, then surely there are more affordable places here in Bali.

Everything I am learning here will be shared in detail in my online &Body program support group and with my subscribers.

If you are eager to learn, grow, and achieve long-term results, try my online program and get full support and high quality, constantly updated content from me and my team.

Of course, stay tuned for Bali updates and expect insights into my life here monthly.

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