• About me

    Andrea Solomun is…

    Croatian-made energy ball known for her quote: “I move, therefore I am.”
    She is a former professional ballerina and a choreographer, whose focus in her 30s shifted from creative body architectural work towards biomechanics and performance with a goal to optimize her and everyone else’s general health in order to motivate people to build their own OPTIMAL BODY.

    With her knowledge, expertise and experience she built a healthy positive community through her training studios Andrea’s room I & II, her YouTube channel and her Instagram page.

    She is a creator and an owner of a specially modified education and franchise program &Ballet which was created to make ballet practice approachable, physically healthy and suitable for everyone who wants to work on their body and brain simultaneously while also having fun.

    She is a well-known personal trainer who creates individual programs personalized for each and every client based on the combination of mobility training, bodyweight or weighted resistance training, cardiovascular workouts, power yoga, breathwork, &Ballet, recovery protocols and much more – all of which are science- and knowledge-based tools created to be used for life so that each and every person using them with consistency and over time will level up their whole life quality and resilience.

    Her often-stated quote is: “My goal is to help you die as young as late as possible.”

    She is all about functional, balanced body inside and out – so the aesthetics can emerge from the inside, i.e. by changing your general lifestyle and habits, making it sustainable and lasting forever.

    Fun Facts
    – I don’t own a TV.
    – If it is under 20°C, I perceive it as cold and sleep in socks with long sleeves and a blanket.
    – I went hiking for the first time when I was 34. years old
    – I have been going to bed between 8 and 9 PM and waking up around 5 AM for years. I do not use an alarm, and if I do, it is some soft lullaby music.
    – I always have a small comb with me because I can’t stand having messy bangs. My mind is messy enough.
    – I eat (unless in a restaurant) most of my food with my fingers, or a small spoon.
    – I can easily eat 2 kilos of ice cream – after having a regular meal. Sometimes even more. I have no idea where or how it fits in a small person such as me.

    What people say about me:
    – She regularly snacks carrots and kohlrabi during her training sessions with you.
    – You will hate her at your first training, but bow down to her at your 101st.
    – For Andrea, chocolate made of right ingredients doesn’t mean food, it means therapy.
    – She goes to sleep before you do. She wakes up before you do. Actually, when you open your eyes, she probably already came back from hiking.
    – For all of you thinking coaches only drink some proteins and shakes: during the weekend Andrea manages to eat 10 cakes, 2 whole breads, couple of pancakes and of course, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    – She has like no hair on her body. And she always speaks her mind.
    – Andrea says: “Only 99-100% cocoa chocolate please, because I’m always at 100%, unless I’m resting. Then I’m at 99%.”
    – For her, if the dog isn’t as big as a horse, then the dog is a cat. Period.
    – She can eat 1 kilo of ice-cream and still be hungry.
    – She will survive everything, both mentally and physically challenging, with a huge smile on her face.
    – She is an extreme extrovert that goes to bed at 9PM.
    – She danced a theatre piece with a half-broken rib.
    – In case you receive a 9-minute-long voice message… It’s from her.

    – She’s a big-hearted expert who is awake when everybody else is asleep and who sleeps when everybody else is awake.
    – She stands behind everything she says, she proves to you that you can when you think you can’t, she is the motivator is in her own way, original and uncompromisingly her own.

    Andrea Solomun
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