Andrea Solomun…

They say that I am a ball of energy produced in Croatia known by the saying: “I move, therefore I am.”
Once a ballerina, later a choreographer, in my 30s I shifted my focus from creative, aesthetic, physical and architectural to the biomechanics and performance of the body with the aim of optimizing my own and everyone else’s general health, in order to motivate people to build their own OPTIMAL BODY.

It’s simple, we all want to FEEL GOOD in our own body.

With knowledge, expertise and experience, I have built a positive motivating community through the training center Andrea’s Room, Youtube channel and Instagram pages.

I am a creator and an owner of a specially modified education and franchise program &Ballet which was created to make ballet practice approachable, physically healthy and suitable for everyone who wants to work on their body and brain simultaneously while also having fun.

I am a well-known personal trainer who creates individual programs personalized for each and every client based on the combination of mobility training, bodyweight or weighted resistance training, cardiovascular workouts, power yoga, breathwork, &Ballet, recovery protocols and much more – all of which are science- and knowledge-based tools created to be used for life so that each and every person using them with consistency and over time will level up their whole life quality and resilience. Feel better anyway.

My often-stated quote is: “My goal is to help you die as young as late as possible.”

At its core, my idea is to build a functional balanced body from the inside out – so the aesthetics can emerge from the inside, i.e. by changing your general lifestyle and by the gradual creation of new habits. With a change that is sustainable and stays forever.

The &Body program I created contains exactly that. I invite you to see for yourself.

Fun Facts

  • I don’t own a TV
  • if the temperature is below 20°C, I’m cold and sleep in socks, long sleeves and covered with a blanket.
  • I climbed Sljeme 1.033 m high (any mountain in general) for the first time when I was 34 years old
  • I go to sleep between 8pm and 9pm and wake up around 5am for years. I do not use an alarm, and if I do, it is some soft lullaby music.
  • I always have a small old lady comb in my bag, because I can’t stand it when my bangs are in pairs. My mind is messy enough.
  • I eat (except in restaurants) most food with my fingers, and when I don’t eat with my fingers, I use a small spoon.
  • I eat 2 kg of ice cream without any problems – after a regular meal. Sometimes even more. I have no idea where or how it fits in a small person such as me.

What people say about me:

  • She snacks on carrots during training.
  • You’ll hate her at the first training session, worship her at the hundredth.
  • For her, dark (99% cocoa) chocolate is not food but therapy.
  • She goes to sleep before you. She wakes up before you do. Actually, when you open your eyes, she probably already came back from hiking.
  • Many people think that trainers only drink some proteins and shakes, but Andrea eats more than 10 cakes, 2 whole loaves of bread, several pancakes and, of course, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekend alone.
  • She has no body hair And she always speaks her mind.
  • Andrea: “Only 99-100% chocolate, please. Because I’m always at 100%, except when I’m “resting” then I’m at 99%.”
  • If a dog is not as big as a horse, then for her that dog is a cat. Period.
  • She can eat a kilo of ice cream and still be hungry.
  • He will overcome everything, both physical and psychological obstacles with a smile on her face.
  • He is an extreme extrovert who goes to bed at 9 in the evening.
  • She danced shows with a cracked rib.
  • If you get voice note of 9 minutes. It’s from her.
  • She is an expert with a big heart who is awake when everyone is asleep and sleeps when everyone is awake.
  • She stands behind everything she says, she proves to you that you can do it when you think you can’t, she is a motivator in her own way, original and uncompromisingly her own.