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    About me

    Andrea Solomun is…

    Croatian-made energy ball known for her quote: “I move, therefore I am.”

    The former ballerina, later a choreographer, shifted her focus in her 30s from creative, aesthetic, physical and architectural to biomechanics and body performance with the aim of optimizing her own and others’ general health, in order to encourage people to make efforts to create their OPTIMAL BODY. .

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    Andrea's room

    Andrea’s Room was founded in 2013 , and since then, it has had more than 200 attendants. It is known for its specific approach to the body, which has successfully changed the lifestyles of many people and improved their health. Andrea’s Room’s main goal is to help you build a healthy, mobile and balanced body, thanks to an exceptionally large offer of classes, which makes it unique in the market.

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    You can enroll in &Ballet all year round.

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    Andrea Solomun Andrea Solomun

    Train with us

    By working on the biomechanics of the body and building its general balance, you achieve your optimal body – excellent health. By exercising with us, optimize your body and mind and achieve longevity.

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    A daily dose of inspiration for stronger immunity!

    A daily dose of motivation

    A daily dose of motivation

    Once, movement used to be an integral part of everyday life to a much greater extent than it is today. I'm not even talking about the period when we hunted for food with our own hands or picked it somewhere in the forest when leaving the cave...

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    Turn childhood hobbies into recreational treats

    Turn childhood hobbies into recreational treats

    Ever since my early childhood, I remember that I always had some hobbies. Collecting pictures of the Animal Kingdom, volleyball, dance groups, playing gumi gumi, writing, painting, astronomy group... All of that was somehow an integral part of my everyday life in childhood...

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    Andrea Solomun
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