A woman who encourages you to push your own boundaries without you even realizing it.

When I started individual training with Andrea, not only did I become more concerned about my health, but I also received confirmation that exercise and movement, being active, using your own body for, e.g. getting from point a to point b. I learned about my body, I learned which muscle is for what, how to do the exercise correctly and how to practice patience with myself. I learned to exercise consciously and conscientiously.

Exercising in AR is not an ordinary training where you come and repeat the exercises with the trainer or do them in a military rhythm with her. In AR, you exercise correctly, at your own pace and to the best of your ability. That 1 hour of exercise is 60 minutes of thinking and focused attention, presence and gratitude for all that your body can do.

From the very beginning, I don’t see going to Berislavićeva as going to exercise, but as going to “my living room”. To that space where I am relaxed, accepted, where I pay attention to myself, my body and health. Where there is sometimes a little frustration, but at the same time great satisfaction that I am “called” to the line every time. To be regular in my care for myself.

I believe that in AR no woman feels thin or fat – but like a woman who learns to love herself and her body as it is. Not that she pats herself on the back and says I don’t need to exercise or that I’m as good as there is. But tu accepts herself and through this process of acceptance she begins to love every part of herself and her priority is not only appearance, but health and functionality. It is an indescribable feeling when you see yourself in the reflection of the mirror in that diversity of women who exercise with you not only the body but also their inner pleasure.

Coming to AR and my first individual trainings with Andrea not only changed my attitude towards exercise, but also the attitude of the people around me, especially those who considered my regular going to AR an “exaggeration”. Now they are the ones who “exaggerate” – who take care of their health through movement.


My name is Lada, I am 58 years old and recently I had to undergo physiotherapy treatment due to a fall on my arm, when I injured my elbow and shoulder. In addition, before coming to Andrea’s room, I felt pain in my lower back, because as a university professor I spend a lot of time sitting, writing and preparing for lectures, to the extent that I sometimes lose the sense of space and time – and my hunched posture!

My daughters Eva and Ruta recommended Andrea to me. They are both zealous in the care for their bodies, but also huge fans of dance. Both of them respect and admire Andrea very much.

And rightly so: Andrea first showed me what I cannot do, and then encouraged me to start. This is how I got into Iva’s hands, who enriched her toughness and discipline with warmth, heartiness and ongoing support through all my efforts. Now I love coming to this beautiful studio, which for me is a place of psychological and physical therapy. I can see great progress, I am less critical towards myself as a person, and especially towards my body which is stronger and more flexible every day. Each of our training sessions is seasoned with good will from both sides – and sympathetic looks from her pet Dede!

In short, I cannot imagine my life without classes with Iva and without pushing my limits.


Briefly about me? I talk a lot, I am a sociable extrovert who, with his humble 30 years of age, is obsessed with theatre (especially musicals, and I not afraid to admit it!) and movies, and who enjoys everything related to culture in his free time. Give me a good play in good company and I am a happy man. If there are no good plays, then a good movie or hanging out with my friends equally satisfies this need to enjoy my free time.

I work as an archivist which means that I spend most of my office hours sitting in front of the computer. Since my job is stationary and I do not move too much, it has come to a point where I have significantly neglected exercise as a daily routine. Things got completely out of control when my shoulder started hurting a lot and when I was diagnosed with calcific tendonitis in my shoulder. This is when I decided I need to make a big change when it comes to regular exercise.

I tried going to gyms, but I was never happy with that because this exercise routine in the gym was extremely monotone. I am not skilled in sports and I injured myself more before I even managed to be successful in a sport. The only thing that suited me was jogging because the chance of hurting myself or someone on my team was brought to a minimum. Unfortunately, after starting university and especially after getting a job, this jogging routine slowly fell out of focus.

After I discovered that I am living with calcium deposit in my shoulder which make my life a living hell, I complained to a friend who has been going to Power Pilates classes at Andrea’s Room for several years now and who has been thrilled with the program. She warmly recommended that I join this program as well, because the training is quite demanding, but also very effective, and both the instructor and the group are great. As I did not manage to solve my calcific tendonitis with regular physical therapy, I decided to give Pilates a chance. I sent an email, there was an open spot in the group, and this is how the love story of me and Pilates started.

Before going to the first class I was anxious because I was aware that I am completely useless when it comes to exercising. But shortly after I showed up, the instructor approached me and cheerfully asked me why I was there and what my goal was. We talked about my expectations and within a few minutes I felt like home. A pleasant atmosphere and a sweet and approachable instructor Iva eased my initial fear of maybe not being able to perform any of the exercises”. The training session was brutal, every muscle was pulsating and begging me to end the suffering, but personal contact which Iva has with every one of us motivates you to properly perform even the last set that you thought you couldn’t do.

After the session I was soaking wet, both from the sweat, but also tears of suffering, but after stepping out of the room, I felt ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Each following session was still difficult and challenging, but not impossible to do, and I started to notice results after the first month. My shoulder stopped hurting so bad, I had more energy and felt better in my own skin.

The training sessions have become a part of my everyday routine and when I skip one or two, I feel like there is something missing. Iva is determined, approachable, really nice and dynamic, she adapts the exercises to individual needs of each student and pays maximum attention to each of us during the class. I did not feel embarrassed at any point by her, quite the opposite – she makes exercising fun, even in the moments when you feel like jumping out of the window just to end your suffering.

All in all, I am very satisfied, the sessions are dynamic, challenging, but effective and efficient, and the staff is great. I show up to each class and leave the class with a smile on my face, regardless of the fact that I sometimes feel like dying during the class.